WOW Them This Holiday Season With The Wow Loft Bed

What do you call a kid’s bed with under-bed curtains, tower, top tent and slide?<
How about the ultimate kid’s play bed? We’re experts at maximizing kid’s bedroom square footage and the WOW low loft all dressed up brings the best of sleep and play all within a small amount of square footage. Take a look at this amazing kid’s bed that WOW’s everyone at first sight!


Why the Wow is a Best Selling Low Loft

Sitting lower to the ground, the Wow is one of our smaller bed options that’s the perfect introduction to sleeping up high. With only three steps, children are playing and sleeping lower to the ground but yet they get the satisfaction of feeling older with their elevated bed. The angled ladder is a great way to help kids climb safely. We’ve added extra grooves and a hand rail to this solid wood bed to ensure hands and feet have proper gripping.

Beyond the many safety features the Wow boasts, let’s not forget the fun factor. Use your imagination and kid’s personality to create a unique play bed. Your options are almost endless with many fabric color combinations, a slide (which can sit on either side of the bed), top tents, bottom curtains and towers. You can choose what you want and customize the look.

We designed each play component with your kid’s in mind. That’s why little windows and fabric pull-backs are included for the ultimate game of hide and seek.

And, when they’re ready to sleep, the top tents add a nice calming environment and help your kiddos sleep at night.

With play space underneath the loft, there’s leftover room for valuable storage like dressers!

Last reason… did we mention the slide?

We all know that kid’s needs change. While they are young and enjoy slides, forts and castles now, they will eventually have other functional needs for their spaces. As a convertible bed, you can easily remove the add-on features when your child has outgrown play time, leaving you with a functional loft for middle school and beyond. You can slide dressers, desks and bookcases underneath to make a storage & study loft.



Stop in today to see The Wow in person and try out the slide! Or give us a call with any questions: 843-416-8376